Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Beautiful Pacific

Ahh, the Oregon coast. Every time I visit, the experience is way to brief and particularly unpredictable. I get up early, stay out late, and hope for good skies and great waves.

Admittedly, I have often felt defeated when I return from these trips. I view my coastal images with some disappointment. Where is the energy, the vibrance, the rich glowing tones that I know I felt as I stood on the Pacific edge. Perhaps it is the lack of wind blowing sea spray across the rocky shoreline, or the ominous sound of waves swelling to pound the rocks at my feet. The ocean touches all of my senses, and maybe it just can't be captured with a camera.

Or can it?

When I look at the images, I can't feel the wind, but I can see the misting across the foreground rocks, captured using longer exposure times. I don't hear the roar of the surf, but I can see the tossing and turning of sea water broken by angry white-capped waves.

I see the sun collapsing to the horizon as magenta sweeps texture and dimension across the sky; I see silhouettes of sea stacks and islands, and I am reminded of the wonder of that moment, standing with my feet buried in the sand, cold Pacific water splashing up to my knees, and the salty smells of surf and kelp filling my lungs. I can feel the moment, hear the moment, and be in that moment again.

Perhaps, in a way, the ocean experience can be captured. Just like a sea shell held to the ear, images bring me back to the edge, and let me experience the Pacific one more time.

Check out my ocean collection to see more of my coastal fine art images.

Monday, October 26, 2009

And without further ado...

The new website is finally up! There are still some details to finish (aren’t there always!), but the gallery is running smooth, and the images are ready to be viewed. Let me know if you run into any issues.

I am adding images weekly until I am caught up, so check back to see what’s new. All new images in the collection float to the top, so you view my most recent work first.

Special thanks to my dearest family for their incredible support through all those late nights. Sugar, Buster, and Boo, I love you more than words can say. Your patience has been unending and inspiring. Nana and Papa, thank you for your your votes of confidence and encouraging words. You have shown me the real purpose for this adventure, and led me to the One for whom this creation sings. Dad and Smokey, I'm dedicating this one to you both, as I look at the old black and white of you loading mules for Camp. You knew how to work hard, lead confidently, and love through your actions and words. Thank you for the legacy!

And so, without further ado...!



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Almost there!

Well, the time is quickly approaching when the site will be up. I'm down to getting the shopping cart hooked up, and loading up the images. If you've happened upon my site, please do check back in the next few weeks...I should have several images up in each gallery, with new ones being added every week.